Day 35 – Auxano Sprint 5 Retrospective


I wrote a bunch of stuff about our “sprint review” today, but I decided to delete all of it in favor of a personal retrospective on our boot camp experience so far.

Today was our last day in the little end classroom at the Addison office. We’ve survived seven weeks of boot camp, and are finally near the end of the beginning of our careers at Improving. Our product owner, boss, leader, co-developer, friend, and mentor Jef has set up for us to be on our own for the last week of boot camp, so we’ve moved out of the boot camp room and will be moving into one of the two main developer rooms in the office. We’re finally growing up! *tears up*

The boot camp may be over, but the learning and training has still only just begun. I’ve learned more and worked harder in the past 8 weeks than I ever did in an 8 week session of school at just about any point. Though it’s been exausting, I’d say it’s been one of the most rewarding life experiences I’ve had so far. I’ve made a few friends and made many more acquaintances that I’m happy to associate with. I hope I live up to the Improving reputation!

… aaand I accidentally left this blog unfinished and unpublished all weekend (oops!), so I’ll have to give you the full retrospective next weekend instead. I can’t believe boot camp is pretty much over. I’ve learned so much, but as I said – the learning and improving is a constant process, and never ends!




  • Insight Database Wiki
  • PropFull
  • Visual Studio 2013 Shortcuts
  • Domain Logic & SQL – Martin Fowler
  • C# Interfaces

Today’s Bonus: Office Space – “I Have People Skills”