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Auxano Sprint 3 Review & Retrospective

We wrapped up our third 1-week sprint for project Auxano today, and I wanted to show off some of our work. Check out some of the screenshots below, and watch our demo/review with feedback from Improving’s Gary McCants! Project Auxano...

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BC Day 6 – Agile Scrum Immersion

Happy Monday! So we’re kicking this week off with a two-day Agile Scrum Immersion course at the Improving office in Addison (run by Ty Crockett). Wednesday we’ll be back in the code, and I hope to finish what work we need...

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Boot Camp Day 3

So we started the day with a Scrum meeting. Yesterday we went over TDD/BDD, OOP principles, Object Modeling for the “Consulting Game,” and practiced some simple C#. Our first exercise today is wading into the Squire tests (by Tim Rayburn)...