BC Day 6 – Agile Scrum Immersion

Happy Monday! So we’re kicking this week off with a two-day Agile Scrum Immersion course at the Improving office in Addison (run by Ty Crockett). Wednesday we’ll be back in the code, and I hope to finish what work we need to do on the consulting game by Friday in time to do some brainstorming on the EIP app.

Daily Scrum:

– Last week we spent a lot of time diving into OOP concepts, C# syntax, getting to know visual studio, setting up various accounts, reporting time, writing blogs, and getting to know everyone on the boot camp team.

– For the next two days we will be doing Agile Scrum Immersion, and then pick up where we left off last week with the consulting game. We should wrap the week up by starting the EIP app.

I spent some time this past weekend reflecting on the expectations I have for myself in the boot camp and at Improving in general. I studied the results of my strengthsfinder test, and tried to imagine what agile software development and scrum team roles would best allow me to leverage my strengths in our boot camp group. I gained a bit of interesting insight, and also thought about ways to avoid letting my weaknesses hurt our team’s performance as well as my personal performance and development.

I rewrote an essay, did some work on code katas, and tried to get some rest. Rest mostly consisted of uncle-ing activities (babysitting), swimming, some netflix, video chat with good friends from far away, a few phone calls to family, some video games, laundry and a bit of sleep.

Today we had a big change of pace in the form of the first day of a two day Agile Scrum Immersion course. What we’ve done in the course has been very interesting so far, and I’m looking forward to wrapping up tomorrow and then jumping into our boot camp projects using what we’ve learned. I’ll elaborate more on the ASI in tomorrow’s blog.

I stayed in the office after work from 5-9 for the Joomla user group this evening. I have a lot of experience with WordPress.org powered websites, but not any experience with Joomla so I was curious to see what it’s all about (hoping to learn more than I already know just from researching it as an option for past projects of mine). I think I’ll try to catch the next WordPress user group as well when that comes around.

That’s all for today! Have a great week.