Boot Camp Day 5

Consulting Game

I managed to adjust my schedule today and was rewarded with a much shorter commute and being able to get to work an hour earlier than I have been. I’ll be sticking with getting here by 8AM or earlier, and leaving when traffic has cleared up a bit.

Yesterday we dove deeper into our Consulting Game solution, continued with TDD, and spent a lot of time getting around to where we could finally assign a consultant to a position on a gig. Ended the day trying to make our Company keep track monthly data.

I’m caught up on publishing blogs, my essay is complete and submitted, and I adjusted my schedule for a better commute.

Next, we have Agile Scrum Immersion and a mini sprint next week. Not sure if we’re continuing with the consulting game or not, that will depend on how far we get today.

Blocks are just ending the day stronger; I feel like I’m on track until about 4pm and then things unravel from there. My brain checks out for the day and it takes progressively longer to get anything done, so I’m trying to find a way to get better sleep where I’m staying.

We started the day off with code katas. First task after the katas was to vote on who our “leader” would be for next week, which was an interesting thing to consider. I’m going to make sure to get the code katas to where I can do all of them in 15 minutes by monday morning.

We went over a few concepts today (in the OOP powerpoint), most importantly class inheritance and behaviour. We spent the rest of the day working on tests and code for our Consultant superclass and its new subclasses Employee and Contractor. We were still dealing with closing the month and all associated actions such as consultant roll off, balance sheet recording, and gig resetting.

[TestClass] public class When_My_Brain_Is_Full

[TestMethod] public void My_Brain_Should_Be_Refreshed()
var myBrain = new Brain();