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Auxano Sprint 6 Review & Retrospective

Week 8 of boot camp came to a successful end today as we wrapped up Auxano sprint 6. The boot camp team went out to eat at Liberty Burger and sat at the same table we ate at on the...


Day 34 – Auxano Sprint 5 – Data Persistence!

Today we presented the Auxano application for the “Thirsty Thursday” crowd at the Addison Office! Jon and Walton did a great job introducing us and running the demo (thank you, guys!). Those watching seemed receptive and we got some positive...


Day 30 – Auxano Sprint 4 Review & Feedback

Project Auxano – Sprint 4 Review Six weeks down, two to go! This week was a very long week for us, and while there is much I could write about, I’m going to settle for just sharing our sprint review video....