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BC Day 14 – Auxano Sprint 1

… aaand I’m another year older. The past 365 days of my life were pretty important and eventful. Hopefully the next 365 will be the same! Daily Scrum: Kevin and I worked a lot on the Week Streaker tests and...

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BC Day 9 – Auxano Mini-Sprint

Daily Scrum: Yesterday we did three 1-hour mini-days, and learned quite a bit more about setting up a development environment and Git – not so much about actually coding together, but it was a productive learning experience nonetheless. Ramp up...

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BC Day 8 – Auxano Mini-Sprint

Today was a battle. Let me put it this way… > git status magicalFile.lol has magically changed itself > git commit -m “Is this going to work?” > git pull –rebase nope. conflict error – git does not like you....