BC Day 14 – Auxano Sprint 1

… aaand I’m another year older.Project-Auxano-Logo

The past 365 days of my life were pretty important and eventful. Hopefully the next 365 will be the same!

Daily Scrum: Kevin and I worked a lot on the Week Streaker tests and class yesterday. Wrapped the day up working on the in-progress tests. Today we’re continuing with in-progress tests and tackling new tasks. No blocks (fixed yesterday’s).

So, the work on the Week Streaker tests today was extremely trying for me. I started the day off feeling pretty good about where we were, and then we got a clarification about the requirements for earning the badge, and in the process of changing the setups in our tests and the methods in one or two other classes, we broke all of our previously written tests and spent the rest of the day trying to fix them.

At 5:00pm when I was ready to push our work and pull –rebased from git, some of the changes I made to folders, class names, and namespaces just completely broke my build and I was unable to figure out how to reverse that. The solution was probably simple, but I charged too quickly into trying to fix it instead of sitting for a minute and thinking about how to reverse what I did, and it got pretty ugly. Anyway, I copied my work, emailed it to Kevin so he could transfer our critical changes, and just re-cloned from github. Then of course, my NUnit was messed up when I tried to set that back up, and by 6:30 I was rather fed up with the whole process and decided to fix that last part in the morning.

My brain is completely spent, and I don’t feel like we accomplished much towards fixing the new problems, so I admit I’m a little discouraged. Hopefully looking at the problem after a night’s sleep will help.

Today’s New ‘Stuff’: (using System.Linq;) – Linq Examples: http://linq101.nilzorblog.com/linq101-lambda.php

Daily lol: http://www.giyf.com/

Just another day. Just another year. The best is yet to come!