BC Day 13 – Auxano Sprint 1

We went over some new (to us) things today, and while I felt like the information flew at us pretty quickly, I think I’ll like what we ‘learned’ and I hope I can get comfortable using the new stuff quickly. Stuff = the things listed below.

Daily Scrum: Yesterday Kevin and I wrote some tests and made them pass! We focused on setting the .start and .end of a weekly TimeSheet for the purposes of the “Weekly Streaker” badge. Today I think we’ll be going over some of the things Jeff saw that we needed to review/learn. Block is being sleep deprived.

New ‘Things & Stuff’ Covered Today:

  • Lambdas (MSDN)
  • Delegates (MSDN)
  • Generics (MSDN)
  • Object Initializers (MSDN)
    • “A” Class
      • The : A
      • An : A
  • Lazy Initialization

Additional New Topics For The Week:

  • Anonymous Methods
    • Events
  • Linq
  • Solid – Set of design principles

Kevin and I finally got to work on the tests for Weekly Streaker this morning, and had to compromise on the passing / inconclusive status of the tests. We struggled with manually setting the DateTime.Today.DayOfWeek in our test SetUp (I think that’s right…), and we were not sure how to truly test the CheckEarned() method inside of Badge.cs.

We have to leave the DateTime.Today as-is inside of CheckEarned(), and a weekly streak can only be earned on a Friday, so… if It is NOT a Friday then one test will not pass, but the test for all other days will pass (and visa versa). If we hard-code the DayOfWeek in our test, then it’s not really testing the DateTime.Today condition inside of CheckEarned(Improver); If you look at the code, what we did is noted and should make more sense than my summary here. I need to talk to Jef about how we set that up to make sure it’s okay.

Whew, I got a second wind of energy after eating lunch – my brain finally kicked into gear and I was able to write a bunch of test cases for the Week Streaker Badge – InProgress property.

Alright, that’s enough for the day. Sorry I write so much, Jef. It’s therapeutic.

Tomorrow is my birthday! Yaay.