Productivity Tools I Can’t Live Without

#1 – Notion

Imagine a single product that includes Google Docs, Microsoft Excel, a TODO app, a drag-and-drop website builder, and kanban board builder, a gantt chart maker, a photo gallery, a project documentation tool, an event planner, a calendar, and a flexible database all in one (and much more). Now imagine your entire team on a video call, collaboratively building a single page with all of those things at the same time, seeing each others updates in real-time and getting an insane amount of organized planning work done together. Sound crazy? Yep. Sound amazing? Also Yep. You need to try Notion. I’m an addict and an evangelist for sure.

#2 – Todoist

This app has changed my life. As a very busy person with ADHD, I rely on Todoist to augment my memory. Along with my outlook calendar for work, this helps me make sure I never ever miss an appointment, meeting, or a due date in my personal or professional life. I can’t recommend this service highly enough!

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#3 – Toggl

I’ve used this for many years to track my time as a consultant, an independent contractor, and even a full-time employee (yay timesheets). If you need a time tracker, this should have all the features and reporting you need! It’s a great tool to help you invoice and keep records of detailed time spent on any project.

#4 – One Switch

(Mac OS App) for easy control over the most common things I need to change like Do Not Disturb aka Focus mode, night shift, keep-awake, etc.)

If you don’t want to pay for this, my other recommendation would be Amphetamine which lets me keep my mac from locking/sleeping in a super customizable way, for any preset amount of time I need. It’s fantastic, and I 100% of the time am using this or the Keep-Awake feature from OneSwitch when I’m working.

#5 – Spectacle

(Mac OS App) for resizing windows on your machine. Super useful for demos and seeing multiple apps or browser tabs side by side without spending half your day resizing windows manually. Also heard good things about Magnet by CrowdCafé

#6 – Noizio

(Mac OS App) for white noise to drown out distractions, from loud coworkers, loud children, or the neighbor mowing the lawn right in the middle of your flow state. I use a custom mix, noise-cancelling headphones, and don’t really even need to turn it up loudly at all. I usually leave it at about 10% volume and that does the trick with the right mix of noise.