“Project Auxano” at Improving Enterprises, Inc. was a project I worked on as a boot camper during our .NET consultant training between May 5th and August 1st, 2014.

Auxano was built with C# in ASP.NET. Additional technologies & methodologies include: HTML, CSS, SASS, SQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Foundation 5, TDD with NUnit, & Agile/Scrum Methodology.

Devs: S. Marsh | J. Livesay | D. Ford | W. Leavell | K. Berry | R. Turek | J. Newsom

Advisors: Jef Newsom | Tim Rayburn | Kevin Baker | Allison Pollard | Ty Crockett | Ken Byrd | Cherie Silas | Cori Drew | Brian Sullivan

In-Progress Screenshots:

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Sprint 8 Review

Sprint 7 Review

Sprint 6 Review

Sprint 4 Review

Sprint 3 Review

Sprint 2 Review