Boot Camp Day 4

My commute took an hour this morning (25 minutes more than usual) I assume because of an accident further south than I could even see after an hour of driving. Gonna try to leave an hour earlier tomorrow morning and see how the traffic is around 7:15. Gotta get an earlier start!

Morning Scrum: My essay “Why I Deserve An A” is nearly done, just needs a proofreading before tomorrow. I’m almost caught up on blogs – I just need to write something on top of the notes I took on Tuesday. Today I need to knock stuff out more quickly and crash earlier tonight and try to get here by 8 tomorrow morning instead. Adjusting my schedule from grad school is tough, but It’s been moderately successful so far. I’m enjoying the stimulating conversation and problem solving!

Work/Study Today:

Discovered the Object Browser > mscorelib > System > Object: methods callable on all objects.

Made some design decisions on our Consulting Game solution including a renaming of Resource to Position, which we’ve been struggling with for two days. We’ll see how that works out. Our assignment from yesterday was to get the test we wrote at 3pm to pass by 9am today, but that process has been messy because we continue to make design changes that require some refactoring. Learned a few very useful tricks for refactoring today, and a few new keyboard shortcuts (thank goodness).

I really enjoy typing up these blogs, it’s relaxing to me. As a card carrying introvert, I enjoy writing and reading more than struggling to communicate complex ideas we barely understand yet through verbal communication. Hopefully I’m not completely alone on that one, but in spite of my struggle I understand how important it is to work as a group and communicate effectively together in boot camp. We’re all making an effort to improve on that I think, and in spite of our different levels of technical ability I do think we’re moving forward as a group.

I have to bring this blog to an end because that’s half the point of these blogs. Trying to deal with my perfectionism by publishing imperfect stuff… *twitches*