Boot Camp Day 3

So we started the day with a Scrum meeting. Yesterday we went over TDD/BDD, OOP principles, Object Modeling for the “Consulting Game,” and practiced some simple C#.

Our first exercise today is wading into the Squire tests (by Tim Rayburn) and just hammering out as much as we can to practice (within a set time limit) hacking code.

We’ll be going over some theory on Class structure, methods, namespace, and data types. We spent some time working on the Consulting Game by creating classes, methods, and keeping up with our TDD. End of day assignment was to complete a test for assigning consultants to a company and gigs, when the gig’s resources are only partially fulfilled.

My goals for the day were: to down my coffee, deal with being on antibiotics (oh joy), and turn my brain off at a reasonable time tonight so I can get the sleep I desperately need.

EDIT: It’s 11pm and I’m just now getting to this, so I’ll have to do better tomorrow!