Day 36 – Auxano Sprint 6

We took care of planning our sprint this morning, and then David and I got to work on the Engagement views and controller. I started the afternoon off by separating the Engagement model, controller, and views from the Time Activity CVM’s like I wanted to several weeks ago. I managed to do that pretty quickly and get that change pushed after all tests were working and the app was running smoothly post-changes.

Scrum: Friday we had a rough retrospective after a rough sprint, and this week we’re continuing on from all previous sprints and trying to wrap up data persistence and add a few features we haven’t been able to squeeze in. I also hope to do some studying for our board review this week.

David and I then got to work on creating a list of user engagements with edit and delete buttons, and a new Create and Edit view. When we figure out the delete button and the new Edit/Update view, we should be good to go. It feels good to actually get a task done… (see last week).

Hopefully Dave and I can knock all of the engagement stuff out quickly this week so we can jump on Time Activity with the rest of the group. If we can get time activity and engagements built out with new features and data persistence, then we can all jump on Badges at the end of the week. Badge persistence is important, and we discussed it, but Engagements and Time Activities have to be done first. Anyway, I’m feeling better about this week.

This week is our first sprint without an available product owner and mentor. We’re in the main developer room in the office now, and will be bothering the snot out of the principals and sr.’s who work in here! *evil laugh* Tim Rayburn and Peter Brunone were in here for most of today and offered some help and sarcasm to ease our way.

More to come tomorrow, and I should have some screenshots of the Engagement views to share.




“Everything is expensive if you multiply it times a billion…”

Tim Rayburn

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