Day 34 – Auxano Sprint 5 – Data Persistence!

Project-Auxano-LogoToday we presented the Auxano application for the “Thirsty Thursday” crowd at the Addison Office! Jon and Walton did a great job introducing us and running the demo (thank you, guys!). Those watching seemed receptive and we got some positive feedback which is encouraging. Jef backed us up during the wrap-up and answered a few questions on our behalf.

Scrum: Yesterday we were blocked. Today we’ll probably continue to be blocked. Blocks are: being blocked, and having a headache from staring at the same blocks for three days.

Jon and I worked for most of today on the TimeActivityAuxanoRepository and the SQL statements within. We dealt with a lot of errors in our test setup and teardown, and spent quite a bit of time stepping through the debugger to see where things weren’t connecting. Near the end of the day I sat down with Sam, and after looking at what he was working on finally got all of our tests to pass which was great… except we’ve been stuck on this task for three days already and may not be able to get things really “fixed” and plugged into the controller properly before review tomorrow.

Nevertheless, we’ll be attempting to do so in the morning before our review tomorrow afternoon. The retrospective from this week is going to be interesting… As I said in previous blogs, we’ve experienced a bit of storming this week and will need to revisit the reasons behind that turbulence. I think we’re just at the point where we’ve spent 7 weeks with each other and aren’t afraid to call each other out on things.

Anyway, sleep yesterday was hindered by visiting with family until too late so I’m once again trying to fix that tonight. That probably contributed to the splitting headache I’ve had all day (sigh). Gonna get to the office early tomorrow for the final stretch of this sprint. G’night!