Day 33 – Auxano Sprint 5 – Data Persistence!


Seven days left of boot camp! Whaaaaat.

Scrum: Yesterday we got an example of a SQL setup, teardown, and test courtesy of Jef, then we adapted that for use in our various tasks. I worked with Jon on setting up the Time Activity test. Today we’re hoping to get the setup finally finished and to knockout 2-3 tasks for Time Activity. Blocks are dealing with some errors in our setup.

So this week there has been a bit of storming around pushing broken builds and tests, and “people” working on code out of their task and majorly stepping on toes.

On that note, I want to say that I appreciate Dave’s efforts as Scrum master this week. The job isn’t easy, and I recognize his efforts at facilitating communication and clearing blocks. I can tell he’s had some coaching and has learned from observing the rest of the guys who have taken their turn as scrum master in the past few weeks. Thank you, Dave.

This morning we spent some time looking at Interfaces and trying to abstract our SQL queries out of Auxano’s domain and into its own namespace. We’ve hit ridiculous blocks, but we’re chugging along. Unfortunately we’re going to be way behind again on tasks this week due to the morning training sessions that were not planned for. We dropped a good 30% of the lowest priority tasks for this sprint to try to make up for that time lost, but we’re still struggling to get things to work. Keep in mind that we’re not actually adding any functionality to our application this week, we’re just getting data persistence up, writing tests for the database, and hoping we don’t break everything else we’ve done in the process. The going is slow and a little frustrating.

In other news, my mother is in town to visit so I’ll be cutting this blog off here. We have a very steep climb in the next two days, so hopefully we all arrive rested and ready to knock this stuff out tomorrow before it gets the best of us.



ORM – Object Relational Mapping

  • Table Per Hierarchy Solution
    • Added “type” property to the badge superclass
  • Table Per Subclass Solution
  • Hybrid Solution (Id’s inside of the Badge table)

CTRL + RM – abstract code to a method

Abstracting SQL code out of the domain through interfaces and adding a new namespace to our project. We want to decouple our business logic and SQL code for testing purposes.

How to work with people. How to deliver bad news and tell people they’re wrong in a tactful way.