Day 22 – Auxano Sprint 3

Project-Auxano-LogoWhew, today was slow. I got a requirement clarification last night when I actually read to the bottom of an email sent out to the group and discovered that what I thought was done was not really done.

I created a new “TimeKiller” badge yesterday, complete with tests and views. I then read that earning this badge required a redirect to a unique one-time view with a special message for earning the badge. TimeKiller will include a quote: “How long a minute is depends on which side of the bathroom door you’re on.” – Zall’s Second Law, and a tip for the Improver: “To earn more points and badges, enter your time in daily!” or something to that effect.


This FirstTimeKiller view is to be displayed when a user submits a time activity in the game for the first time. Unfortunately, our time activity view is a non-functioning mess right now, and I had a lot of trouble deciphering what was there and how to add my functionality to the submit button.

I worked on cleaning up the TimeActivity view and reducing the lines of code by about 50%, so things are a bit cleaner and the functionality is the same apart from my in-progress changes. I’ll have to continue this struggle in the morning, because I found a whole host of new issues once I got past the first problem. Once again, those problems are tied to the non-functionality of the Time Activity entry view, so I’ll probably just have to work on building out that functionality while finishing up my FirstTimeKiller task.

*deep breath*

I forgot to share another view I edited (stubbed out by walton/kevin) llast week – the create new engagement view.


That’s it for today. My brain is mush, and I desperately need some better sleep tonight. The prednisone I’m taking for a sinus infection is making it impossible to stay asleep. Wish me luck.