Day 21 – Auxano Sprint 3

Project-Auxano-LogoThis weekend was a good weekend! Probably the best one since starting boot camp which is encouraging. I finally made some time to go out to eat at a local sushi place, and went to see X-Men: Days of Future Past with my sister and brother-in-law. Sunday we had the Sullivan cousins (Kevin’s branch) over for BBQ and swimming, and there was children chaos. The kids had a good time, and the adults got some time to chat outside of work which was great.

Scrum: Last week we wrapped up sprint 2 and reviewed a few basic features and their views. Then we talked about our feelings. This week I want to make sure we go back and fix things that weren’t completed, like tests from sprint 1, and some views and functionality left out of sprint 2. We’ll be implementing new features this week. Lots of learning to do. No major blocks this morning.

Today we’re doing our Sprint 3 planning, some more individual work, and pairing with Jef throughout the day. We came up with a few new badges today, and I called dibs on implementing the Time Killer Badge. Pretty sure I got the Time Killer badge knocked out with four solid tests (the conditions are really simple) and two views in the web app. EDIT: oops, missed one minor detail that I’ll have to go back and add in the morning – new information came by email.

 User Story for Time Killer Badge:

GIVEN Valid Logged-In User

WHEN User successfully submits time activity for the first time
AND User does not already have a Time Killer Badge

THEN User gains 1 Point
AND User earns Time Killer Badge
*AND display quote: “How long a minute is depends on which side of the bathroom door you’re on.” – Zall’s Second Law
*AND a daily time entry hint is displayed
*(features added after our planning time – will need to go back to add these)


Other than finally getting to hack some code with some music on, today was pretty relaxed. It’s nice to be able to focus a bit more on creating and writing code instead of passing a computer back and forth and having to talk through everything you’re doing. That said, I plan to have a second set of eyes go over my tests to make sure I didn’t miss something important. Hopefully that will be done tomorrow morning.

Misc Notes:
Uncle Bob Martin *shrug*

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