BC Day 10! – Auxano Mini-Sprint


We’re 10 days into boot camp! We survived the first two weeks and we’re just starting to gain momentum. I felt pretty good about how today went (our first unsupervised day coding as a team), and I’m looking forward to getting into the next stage of the program.

Daily Scrum: Yesterday we were recovering from the git disaster of Wednesday, and actually got some initial coding and modeling done on project Auxano. Today I’m going to keep watch over the Scrum board, and make sure we follow our guidelines as closely as possible. I will also do my best to help the group coordinate while we continue adding classes, expanding our model, and pair coding. No blocks.

David and I pair programmed today and got a good number of new tests passing related to single-day time sheet entries. I elected myself to take charge of scrum compliance, and the job was made easy by everyone’s desire to keep up with what methods we’ve learned anyway. We did a morning planning session, spent some time modeling, and then did three 1-hour “days” with scrum meetings before each day began.

I enjoyed playing the scrum master, but it was difficult due to the scaled down nature of our “days” and “sprints.” It’s not really possible to simulate proper planning and story/task documentation when your days are scaled down by a factor of 8, and our capacity during those “days” honestly scales down the tasks even further. It’s still good practice, but the real thing will take a lot more practice and understanding to get right. I’m up for that challenge!

I rewrote my essay and submitted it today, so hopefully the revised version was an improvement on version 1. I expect I might have to make more improvements, but I was happy with my attempt at version 2. I await feedback.

This weekend I’m planning to sleep, do some regular weekly housekeeping, and mess around with this blog a bit as time permits. Perhaps some gaming, reading, and hangout out with the nieces sounds would be nice as well.

Next week we’re going to dive into the ASP.NET MVC, and begin to do what we really came here to do. Let’s get down to business!