BC Day 11 – Auxano Sprint 1

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Started off the morning with code Katas, a product review, and a sprint retrospective (carrying over from last week). We spent a lot of time discussing the problems we’ve had as a team, and brainstorming solutions to those problems. This is why Scrum is developer-friendly. I wrote out our retrospective, but I think I’ll leave that out of the blog today.

Scrum: Last Friday I paired with Dave and wrote/passed some tests, kept the Scrum board updated, and enjoyed a productive day. This week we’re doing a full week sprint and really seeing how much work we can do in that time frame. No blocks.

Jonathan has taken up the mantle of Scrum Mastership, and will lead the charge this week. We got right into planning our 1-week sprint this morning, and came up with a lot of work to do by Friday afternoon. I’ll be pairing with Kevin the whole week and churning out as much code as we can while remaining in sync with the rest of the group. We set a good pace this afternoon by knocking out a few test updates and adding a few new classes. #ScrumBoardDomination

Improving has a Quarterly Town Hall meeting tonight at 5:30, so I’ll probably be staying here until then, and wait until the traffic clears up afterwards. Unfortunately that means I’ll be here late two nights in a row, but at least I have my blog done already. I’ll find some productive things to do between now and then.

That’s all for the day. I woke up ill at 4am this morning, so I’m completely exhausted and ready to try to get a better night sleep.