Dev Podcasts And Screencasts

Looking for a dev podcast or screencast to check out? Lucky you! Here is a list of shows you should check out while you’re working or commuting. The range of topics discussed by casts on this list is fairly wide, so there’s a good chance you’ll find something that interests you.

If you’ve been a software developer for a few years already then you’ve probably found some podcasts or screencasts that you follow and enjoy (this list may not be new to you). Some of us are new to the industry however, so I asked around, googled a bit, and came up with a short list of highly recommended podcasts and screencasts for new software/web developers. I wanted to check these shows out and share them with new developer friends and colleagues, so here it is!

If you know of a good one that I’ve missed, please leave a recommendation in the comments on this blog, or tweet a link at the embedded tweet below. Listed here are the shows that appeal the most to me personally, but if you’re looking for more you should definitely check out the link to Simple Programmer’s master podcast list at the bottom of the post. I hope you like what you find! Happy listening, devs.

Podcast List That Is Way Better Than Mine: By SimpleProgrammer
Some More Highly Recommended Podcasts: By Intel