Day 39 – USA! USA! USA!… and Robots!

usmntYou know you’re working for a great company when the CEO walks into the break room wearing a USMNT soccer jersey, and watches the world cup game with everyone else! USA lost to Germany 0-1, and Portugal beat Ghana 2-1 resulting in the USA advancing to the Ro16, and Germany winning the group. Not a bad outcome for us. I’ve loved watching the games!

With five minutes left in the game, the power went out in the entire office… collective groaning and scrambling for phones commenced.

Scrum: Yesterday I finished delete functionality for engagements, helped Dave with edit functionality, and repaired several tests that had incomplete teardowns. Today I’ll be working on some UI changes, adding some new tests for engagements in the web, watching the world cup USA vs Germany game, helping run an object modelling exercise with the team, and attending the Movie Night at the Studio Movie Grill this evening.

Project-Auxano-LogoI worked quite a bit on the Passport index view today, and got things a bit more polished. At first glance it’s probably not a huge improvement, but I’m still learning. I also started to work on the Badges index view, and will continue to work on that in the morning as time allows. I’m not sure who we will be reviewing for, but I think this sprint went well. We’ll retro tomorrow afternoon and then study a bit for our reviews that may or may not be happening next week.

It seems like we got some more hints that the boot camp is going to extend another month, but we’re still not 100% sure. We still have a lot more to learn, and I think they need more time to find a project for us. We also should do some more to make Project Auxano (actually) potentially shippable before we get sent off to other projects. We need Jef to come back and take a look at what we’ve done and clean up our code a bit. We’ll see what the boss(es) decide.

250px-Autobot_symbolTransformers: Age of Extinction was the most ridiculous movie… every line in the movie was a one-liner that either made me facepalm or laugh. These movies are so formulaic it hurts. Yet… I still will pay to see them all. Who can pass up giant fighting robots from space, beautiful cars, beautiful people, and way too many explosions all packed into a two and a half hour movie? Guess I’m a sucker. It was nice to hang out with Walton, Jon, and Sam a little bit outside of work as well.

All in all, today was a very good day.

Until tomorrow,


Added an error message when you try to create an engagement with a name that is too long OR a name that is already in use by another active (not “deleted”) engagement. Reloads the model into the view and prompts you to re-enter the name.