Day 29 – Auxano Sprint 4 & Scrum Mastering

Project-Auxano-LogoI was worried yesterday that we might not complete all of our tasks for this sprint, and unfortunately it looks like we’re going to come up a bit short before the cut-off point tomorrow. We’ve had a LOT of un-planned-for tasks come up in the middle of the week, and many of our initial tasks had grossly underestimated time allotments .

Scrum: Yesterday I worked on the Daily time entry and tried to help people clear blocks. Today I’m going to do my best to wrap up the daily time entry by the end of the day and continue helping the other guys in the group.

Personally, I’m disappointed that I fell so far behind this week. I started the week working on a few things that I really enjoyed working on, but that time spent might not be worth it if it was spent at the cost of not completing the more important task of rebuilding daily time entry. I’m not the only one who fell behind this week, which makes it all the worse for our group’s sprint as a whole. We’re all still trying to churn out work, so we’ll see what we get done before review tomorrow afternoon. I still have faith. For now, I have some sleep to catch up on, so goodnight!