Day 27 – Auxano Sprint 4 & Scrum Mastering

Project-Auxano-LogoDay two of being scrum master! I don’t think I did as much for the group today as I was able to do yesterday, but I did get our burndown chart created and will keep that updated throughout the week (pictures tomorrow). I talked with Brian Sullivan about estimating task time/effort, and not attempting to micromanage people in an effort to keep track of how long tasks take. I trust everyone to get what they committed to get done done by the end of the sprint, but we might have to cut one or two things by our thursday review (or at least not demo certain underdeveloped features from this sprint).

Scrum: Yesterday we tasked out this sprint and got to work on tasks. I started to set up the shared layout with a top nav bar and footer, and I want to do one or two more things this morning before I move on to work on a basic public profile view. No blocks.

Auxano Public Profile Card v1.0


We did a lot of refactoring this morning, and a lot of SQL setup today. That didn’t leave a lot of time for individual sprint tasks, but I still managed to get some stuff done and so did the other guys. As I said up in my daily scrum, I mainly worked on the public profile view today, and didn’t get as much done as I wanted to, but was constrained by time. That’s all for today!