Day 24 – Auxano Sprint 3

Project-Auxano-LogoI can feel where my brain has stretched to fit all the new things I’ve learned today… or maybe that’s just a headache from not having any caffeine and staring at a computer screen for 14 hours. I can’t really tell the difference, but hey who cares? Sprint 3 is almost complete!

Scrum: Yesterday I completely rebuilt the TimeActivity view and single time activity form. Today I’m working on finishing that task and making sure that we can actually enter a time activity into the AuxanoGame’s current Improver’s current Time Sheet. Major block is just getting past the errors created by some changes made late in the day yesterday.

So this is the initial view for a single time entry – the product of a relatively small amount of my time, so don’t judge the look and feel just yet. The tough part was getting this thing to actually submit a time activity instead of just sit there and look nice. Styling will come much later.


9:45AM – major block from yesterday afternoon was finally cleared by a single line of code in the TimeActivityController. I was looking at the wrong point in this line of code in my SingleTimeActivity partial view:

@Html.DropDownListFor( m=>m.TimeActivity.Class, Model.Company.Classes.Select(Class => new SelectListItem { Text= Class, Value= Class}))

The Classes in the Model.Company were displaying correctly, but there was no new TimeActivity(); inside of the Model, so a null reference error was being thrown. This was fixed by creating a new TimeActivity inside of my TimeActivityController:

public ActionResult Index()


           return View(

               new TimeActivityModel()


                   Improver = this.Improver,

                   Company = AuxanoGame.Company,

                   TimeActivity = new TimeActivity()



… Much, much later …

11:00PM – I want to say thank you to my brother-in-law Brian Sullivan (Principal Consultant, Improving – links below) for helping me bridge the gap in my code this evening. I don’t know how long it would have taken me to find the one line of code that needed changing, but I know it would not have happened before our review this week, and I am sincerely grateful for his help. I picked up a bunch of tricks I didn’t know just by watching over his shoulder. Hopefully I can absorb some skills just by being in the same room as a Principal Consultant, eh? I have maybe 2% of the programming experience that he has, so it’s expected that I would pick up a lot of magic just by working with him, but I was still able to show him a cool keyboard shortcut he didn’t know (Select Lines >> Alt+Up/Down Arrows)! Let’s call that a win.

Brian Sullivan: Improving | Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog

That’s it for today. Headed to bed with a feeling of accomplishment (even if much of the credit is Brian’s). We’ll be preparing for review in the morning and presenting at 2:00 to our product owner and stakeholders.



Hey! Someone please remind me to make my idea for a new version of our git object a reality. I want to make a wooden git object that we can all sign and write on. Something that’s not a jenga box, and that is really 100% our own. I have an end-of-bootcamp idea for the object as well. Gonna make this happen this weekend. It’ll be a good excuse to break my tools out of storage – they’ve been lonely since I moved to Texas.