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Project-Auxano-LogoBoot Camp Week 9 | Auxano Sprint 7 | June 29 – July 5

I need some friendly advice on how to further my learning of c# and test driven development in ASP.NET MVC. I’m getting stuck trying to move forward and learn in an effective way. I think I’m spending way too much of my time trying to solve unique and isolated problems in the development of project Auxano instead of taking a step back from regular sprint work and focusing on improved understanding and learning. I know we’re expected to do self-learning outside of work as well, but the new pace of my life doesn’t support that idea as well as I’d like. I’m still adjusting to the dramatic changes that I’ve experienced in the past few months during the transition between finishing grad school to starting my professional career. More details on the changes I’m referring to belong in another blog, but know that the move from a small town in Louisiana to North Dallas, Tx has come with quite a few changes I’m still getting used to. That said, the change was welcomed and I’m happier and more fulfilled in life with each new day. It’s a feeling I haven’t enjoyed in a long time, and I’m thankful for it.

This weekend is gonna be great! I have some family in town from far away and I’m looking forward to seeing them and spending time with my closest family members. I’ve also been car shopping for a few months, and am finally ready to buy! I hope you have/had a good fourth of July weekend – God bless.



Daily Scrums


(7-1) Tuesday Scrum: Yesterday after planning, I worked mostly on setting up the Question Controller, Model and views to handle crud operations. I’ll be working with Sam and Dave this week on getting all of that set up. No Blocks.

(7-2) Wednesday Scrum: Yesterday we got question delete functionality completed, read functionality completed, and got about halfway on Create/Edit functionality for questions. We have decent test coverage for the question Repo, but I’m trying to get the controller tests to cover more in an effort to come at the missing functionality in a different (the right) way. Dave will be helping me work on Create/Edit today. Major block is being completely exhausted.

(7-3) Thursday Scrum: Yesterday I continued to be blocked with adding better test coverage for the question controller. I didn’t get enough sleep Tuesday night and that destroyed my productivity with the code, so I steered clear of my blocks and watched some pluralsight and researched TDD for MVC. I know I’m not supposed to be doing view stuff because I’ve done too much of it, but that’s what I like to do, and it’s hard to motivate myself to do the stuff I’m not good at… So major block is that I’ve let myself fall behind in SQL and C# and I need to fix that so that I can make features work all the way from the Database to the Repo to the Domain to the Models, Controllers and Views. Fortunately Dave, Sam, and Kevin made up for my slacking this week and we’ve managed to get Questions pretty close to done but we need to tie things up today before lunch and our review this afternoon.


Auxano Sprint 7 Retrospective Kick-off Activity:



Send email to your fellow Boot Campers – One thing you appreciate about each of your team members…”

My email to the boot campers read as follows:


“Walton: Humorous!

Jon: Friendly!

Sam: Logical!

David: Cheerful!

Kevin: Polite!


“These are all characteristics that I admire and respect in each of you, but not all that I see. Thank you for being awesome!”





I know this isn’t big news to anyone other than a brand new developer, but I was excited by this discovery so I thought I’d share. This renders a simple image as a link. I’ve been wondering about this for a while, and finally took the time to look it up.

<a href=”@Url.Action(“ActionName”, “ControllerName”)”>

<img src=”@Url.Content(“~/Content/img/imgname.jpg”)”/>




Checkbox for




Fiddler Web Debugging Proxy


ASP.NET MVC 4 – for loop posts model collection properties but foreach does not


DevExpress Code Rush – awesome add-on for Visual Studio


Model Binding to a List


To Read: The Power of Who – This book is in the mail and should be in my hands by the time I publish this blog.


Weekly Dose of Internet


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