Day 17 – Auxano Sprint 2

Project-Auxano-LogoThis week was the week I’ve been waiting for. We’re finally getting into building a UI over the code we’ve written, and I couldn’t be happier! I’m used to being able to see what I’m building immediately, and the MVC is a welcome change from pure C#.

Scrum: Last week we had our first sprint review, and I was reminded that I don’t do improvised presentations well. This weekend I spent time with family, and Today we’re starting our second sprint by diving into the ASP.NET MVC.

Jonathan and I are paired up this week, and we’ve started working on the Controller and View for the Passport (post-login welcome screen / navigation / dashboard). Progress has been slow, but I’m definitely enjoying it. Hopefully I’ll have a lot more to share tomorrow – this blog is light on the details. I had to run some errands this evening and couldn’t make much time for watching the pluralsight course I really want to watch, but I hope to make some time for that tomorrow.

Jon, Walton, and I bought some nice table-tennis rackets that we broke in today during lunch. They’ve only moderately improved my control over the ball, but that improvement is hardly reflected in my scores considering my two most frequent opponents also have new rackets. It was still a good purchase. Playing ping pong is an enjoyable way to break up all the sitting we’ve been doing lately, and a good way to get to know some of the guys better.


So, some bad news. This evening I started to feel a soreness in my throat that likely means I somehow caught something somewhere (not sure yet – could be my nieces, could be from work). We’ll see how I feel tomorrow, but this could ruin a week I was otherwise looking forward to. I was sick the week before boot camp began (severe allergies leading to a sinus infection), the first week of boot camp, and now there is a chance I could spend the fourth week sick with something different. Bad luck, my friends. You’re looking right at it.

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