Dall☆s Tech Fest 2014

DTF2014-LogoI’ve been so bad about blogging lately, but I thought I’d share some pictures, tweets, and thoughts from Dallas Tech Fest 2014!

DTF2014 was the first tech conference I’ve ever attended, and I’m glad I was able to make the time! I got to see some Improvers (some of my team mates, no less) give a few talks, and I left Gilley’s a more knowledgeable and perceptive software developer and consultant. I’ve caught myself referencing the talks there several times already, which I think is a pretty good reason to go back next year.

The following tweets and pictures outline the course of my day at DTF2014. Props to all those who gave a talk and those who worked hard to make the conference happen!


DTF2014-01 DTF2014-02 DTF2014-03 DTF2014-04 DTF2014-05 DTF2014-06