Day 19 – Auxano Sprint 2

Today I fiddled around with @Html.ActionLink(string.Format(“{0} {1}”, very, doge), “Place”, “Thing”, null, null, null, null, null, null, null… hashThingy, new { @stuff = “more stuff”}), and made some new “dynamic” links that update when the values of an Improver’s reported hours, total points, most recent badge in progress, total number of badges in progress, and total available weekday work hours in a given month change. There will be more buttons and information on the passport view in the future, but that’s what we have finished at this point.

Scrum: Yesterday I worked mostly on the Passport view while Jon did the hard work in the Passport controller. Today we’re gonna try to work more closely with each other on wrapping up our tasks for the week. Block is being sick – going to the doctor after work to take care of that.


Installing… -XKCD

We added a few tasks to the scrum board, removed some non-critical tasks from the board, and did our best to knock out the tasks we have remaining before our review tomorrow afternoon. I’m determined to not present broken or unfinished work, so I’ll be doing some testing tomorrow morning to make sure things go smoothly. Some visual aids might be in order as well.

“There’s always room for more… WRONG!” -Fearless Leader

Blahh, I have so much I want to do with the view, but it’s hard to work quickly on this MacBook Air when I’m used to having two huge monitors and a nice mouse and full-sized keyboard. Also, I can’t do much or any work from home while there are issues with pulling from Git on my home computer. I don’t think we’re supposed to work on it alone anyway, so maybe that’s for the best. I still plan on doing some learning this weekend so I can show up with some solutions to what problems we had this week.

Anyways, that’s it for today. Our review is tomorrow afternoon, so hopefully we’ll get things wrapped up and ready for that.

New Stuff and Things:

  • Autofac – Such Magic. Wow.
  • ContainerBuilder
  • Resolver
  • RegisterControllers
  • Assembly

So, my sick voice today reminds me of the one with Phoebe’s sexy voice…